The 2021 Great American Bike Race, also known as The GABR is going virtual this year.  Due to the rise in Covid cases and having many participants that are immune compromised a decision had to be made.

From the Sanford Health website:" For the health and safety of our community and GABR kids and families, we’ve decided to cancel the in-person portion of this event. The entire celebration will go totally virtual instead, with creative new ways to unite for kids online.

Please keep your calendar clear on August 28 and stay tuned for more details about our reimagined GABR celebration."

The GABR brings together many, many people for a day of riding stationary bikes to raise money to help fulfill the Sanford Health Foundation's mission to support physical, speech and occupational services through Sanford Children’s Therapies and to assist families with costs not covered by insurance.  100% of the money raised will help local kids and young adults affected by Cerebral Palsy

The annual event has more than 400 participants and  60 teams take part each year.   More than $145,000 has already been raised this year.   Although it is disappointing that the event has to go virtual, it will still go on.  You can donate by logging on to the Sanford Health Foundation website.  Click on events and select GABR.  Every bit of money raised stays here and benefits so many.  And for those families who may be needing information on how to apply for funding, you can find it all on the same page.

With one week to go there is still time to donate.  Let's make sure the GABR is a success!



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