If you thought Cersei had it too easy in Game of Thrones Season 7, the final episodes may deliver the comeuppance you seek. New filming reports suggest an actor’s return that may have dire consequences for Cersei, as well as a very chilly relocation.

Keep in mind a few potential Season 8 spoilers from here on out, but Jaime’s exit and the Golden Company’s arrival might be the least of Cersei’s concerns next year. A number of new reports have surfaced regarding the Queen’s movements in Season 8, including some Belfast photos of the cast that may suggest Lena Headey filming in colder weather. The ending of Season 7 did see winter finally arrive in King’s Landing, but the suggestion is that Cersei might have some urgent reason to travel north and reconvene with characters holed up at Winterfell. Lest we forget, Cersei might also be getting a new sunroof.

Perhaps more perilous for the character is a now-deleted tweet from Industry Casting that claimed actress Rebecca Van Cleave would return for the eighth and final season, along with Instagram posts from Van Cleave herself. If you don’t recognize the name, don’t feel bad – Rebecca Van Cleave served as Lena Headey’s body double during the infamous “Walk of Atonement” sequence from Season 5. Mind you, there’s no explicit assurance Van Cleave would fulfill the same role in Season 8, or – if she did – what context a body double might be required for, good or bad. In either case, Cersei is probably going to want to bundle up next year.

We’ll hopefully hear more on Game of Thrones’ final season as filming continues into June, so stay tuned.

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