Oh, those wily Game of Thrones creators – always up to something. New Season 8 filming observations from the Spain set could place some unlikely characters arriving in King’s Landing, but there’s a good chance producers are trying to pull a fast one.

You’re warned of possible Game of Thrones Season 8 spoilers from here on out, but – as any voracious follower of production knows – spotting certain stars in either Belfast, Spain or other filming hubs is often a good indication their character will feature into an upcoming episode. We’ve had several past returns spoiled that way (including one already for Season 8), and Watchers on The Wall has uncovered a curious trio of stars apparently in Seville, Spain. Reports of assembled cast have already pointed toward another meeting in the King’s Landing “Dragonpit,” and some have claimed Tom Wlaschiha, Faye Marsay and Vladimir Furdik are present as well.

For those unfamiliar, those are the respective actors behind Jaqen H’ghar, The Waif and The Night King. Furdik would make the most sense if The Night King took his army all the way to King’s Landing, but the former two have some crying foul, especially as Marsay’s character perished in Season 6. Then again, the HBO adaptation has never been great at explaining why some Faceless Men characters seem to have specific identities like Jaqen or The Waif, despite their entire ethos as interchangeable “no one.” Given the chummy arrangement of cast and showrunners in some of the WoTW photos, some have suggested the three may have been flown in to create confusion around characters actually returning for the final season.

That’s about what showrunners pulled with Sibel Kekilli (Shae)’s appearance on-set a few years ago, and we’ve previously seen cast staging a few scenes for the benefit of on-set photographers. Season 8 hasn’t suffered many major leaks as of yet, but will Arya end up reckoning with her Faceless past?

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