Going viral on TikTok or Instagram isn't easy or guaranteed, but there are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of finding viral success.

PopCrush Nights host Lauryn Snapp is obsessed with "un-hacking" the internet and is sharing some tips to boost your views, increase your followers and possibly even find yourself in the spotlight of viral fame.

Below, check out three hacks to go viral fast.


Know Your Niche

Keep your niche in mind to boost your chances of going viral.

If you aren't a dancer, it's OK. Not everyone needs to bust a move or break down a viral dance with a tutorial.

If your viewers know you for your ability to make beautiful cupcakes or quickly train a new puppy to do tricks, that's the content your audience will return to watch. Lean into it.

Don't shy away from your talents, and don't exhaust yourself by trying to fit into another viral mold. Own your lane.

Also, don't forget to...

Instill Some Fear (of Missing Out)

Don't be afraid to instill some serious FOMO in your followers. Think about it: Nobody likes to feel like they are missing out on something.

To recreate that sense of motivation on social media, think about what you care about or have strong opinions on. Challenges and product or service reviews are compelling and can become irresistible content for others to replicate or share their thoughts and/or opinions on.

This content is typically how viral trends begin.

And finally...

Follow the Three-Second Rule

The "three-second rule" doesn't only apply to food dropped on the floor. It can apply to your social media content, too!

Video content is a key player on both TikTok and Instagram. Once you know what kind of video you want to share, navigating the constantly changing algorithms can be a challenge.

Regardless of the changes content creators may notice when it comes to hashtags, trending sounds and filter options, one thing is concrete: If your video is short, it will likely have a higher engagement and longer watch time.

Algorithms monitor how long a video is viewed. If your videos are watched throughout their entirety, the video is more likely to land on TikTok's For You Page, a.k.a. FYP, or Instagram's Discover Page.

To increase organic views on a video, keep your video short. Like, really short.

If your video is three seconds long, the average viewer won't have time to swipe past your video to the next content on their feed. Therefore, your three-second video has a higher chance of becoming viral simply due to its shortened watch time/swipe ratio.

Knowing this, you may want to consider making three-second teasers for your longer content. Good luck!

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