The Grand Forks Police Department just introduced a new four-legged, tracking and detecting critter to its squad.

I have never been good at pranks, but I can appreciate the creativity that goes into some pranks. I got a good laugh this afternoon when I saw the shenanigans that the Grand Forks Police Department was up to! Did you see that they have a new four-legged member on the police force?

If you forgot it was April Fools' Day, you may have seen this post and wondered if police goats were becoming a "thing." The Grand Forks Police Department decided to pull a silly prank on their community - and it is perfect. In case you have not yet seen this post, meet Brandon, the dual-purpose Police Goat:

According to the Grand Forks Police Department's Facebook page, Brandon is board certified by the National Police Goat Association (NPGA). And, today, he was out on patrol for the during the April Fools' holiday. The Department even posted videos of Brandon detaining baaad guys. You can see Brandon, the dual-purpose Police Goat, in action here.

I sort of forgot it was April Fools' Day when I scrolled past this hilarious post. It is always great to see the police having fun with the community like this. Especially because of the negative light that is being shed on police these days.

Have you ever witnessed or been a part of a good April Fools' Day prank?


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