Of course, one of the biggest parts about Christmas is the gifts. I mean, how much money did we all spend between Black Friday and Cyber Monday? The Kirkwood Mall definitely took my paycheck that weekend.

I love picking out presents for my family and friends. Now, I think  I'm a decent gift giver, but I recently learned that there are tell-tale signs of your gifts not being well-received. Here are the top responses from someone who's pretending to like your gift:

  • "Thank you"
  • "Awww"
  • "I love it"
  • "Wow"
  • "You're Sweet"
  • "That's Interesting"
  • "What made you think of this?"
  • "I've always wanted this"
  • Repeat the name of the gift
  • Gasp

Remember how I said I thought I was a decent gift giver? Now, I'm totally confused, because I thought that a few of these responses were genuine and thankful. I might have to rethink a couple items I purchased. You know, when all else fails, gift cards are surely a hit. Nobody hates free money, right?

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