Governor Kristi Noem, who is quickly becoming my hero and crush of the week, just put together a video showing how they social distance in South Dakota.  She's pheasant hunting in a cornfield.  A rooster pheasant flushes in front of her and proceeds to drop it (after 3 shots-my only criticism) and proceeds to tell everybody, "Less COVID, more hunting, that's the plan for the future."  Here's the video.


The post generated tens of thousands of shares and retweets between her Twitter and Facebook accounts and millions of views according to an article on Fox News.  I checked out some of the comments and as you can imagine she has a few trolls condemning her for her views on both COVID-19 and hunting as well.  One lady from South Dakota on twitter said, "We don't all stand in cornfields in South Dakota and shoot ducks."  lol  Of course the Governor is PHEASANT hunting and not shooting ducks.  However, most the comments I read were very favorable towards the Governor.

The video comes months after she said, "We won't be social distancing" at President Trumps July 4th which took place at Mount Rushmore.  According to the article, it pointed out that North Dakota and South Dakota has seen some of the fastest-growing per capita new coronavirus cases in the United States.

In case you missed the numbers yesterday, Burleigh County had triple digit numbers on Thursday.  118 cases with two deaths and Morton County had another 43 confirmed cases with 3 deaths.  This is according to the North Dakota Department of Health website.  The daily positivity rate is still high at 7.1% but that is down a bit from earlier in the week, where we saw numbers as high as 12%.

If nothing else, this video got me excited for the pheasant season which opens Saturday, October 10th.



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