I do not understand why some have compared the pandemic to the Holocaust. How does an attempt to keep the world's population from dying in mass amounts compare the mass murder of MILLIONS of people? Riddle me that.

According to the Inforum, there was a meeting last week where Grand Forks City Councilor Bret Weber urged for a mask mandate for the entire city. The concern comes after there was a spike in positive COVID-19 cases in Grand Forks. The Inforum reports that while the city's mayor, Brandon Bochenski, believes that more education is needed on the issue, he is not for a mask mandate. Mayor Bochenski said, "This isn't Nazi Germany where we can bust into houses and force people to wear masks." Get the full story on the Inforum's coverage of the meeting here.

I will be honest and say that I hate wearing a mask. They are hot, sweaty, hard to breathe in, and gross (in my opinion). But it is not like I am going to cause a ruckus if I have to wear one for a whole 20 minutes while I am at a store or something. I would also say that I am not pro-mandate either, but why do people keep comparing this to the Holocaust?

Seriously. An attempt to stop the spread of illness is not the same as an attempt to eliminate groups of people. Yes, the masks do suck. But I would much rather have the slight inconvenience of wearing a mask in public than be tortured in cruel and unusual ways.

What are your thoughts on the comparisons of mask mandates to the Holocaust?

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