It could be the hotness of Leonardo Dicaprio, the epic story line of ambition,money, love,lust,deception and longing or the incredible cinematography that makes "The Great Gatsby" a must see. Think classic Hollywood films- grand costumes, staging,music,flamboyance,dramatics. Add a love story that defines a man and every decision he makes. Pour in a bit of booze,sex and debauchery and it's a non-stop ride.

Leonardo Dicaprio is captivating in his role as Jay Gatsby, Carey Mulligan sends you through a roller coaster ride of emotion as Daisy and you will be driven to hate the character of Tom Buchanan played by Joel Edgerton.

The soundtrack features music from Jay-Z, Beyonce,Lana Del Ray has a soul moving track "Young and Beautiful", sounds from Will. I.Am, Emeli Sande and more. The movie is like cineart- writing,beautiful palettes,instrumentation, fashion,design.

Check it out at the Grand Theatres this week and tell me what you think!