Are you a hiking enthusiast? If so, you're in luck - our great state has some of the best trails in the area!According to, here are some of the best nature trails in North Dakota.

  • White Butte. This hiking trail is located in Amidon and is about 2 miles long. It's best traveled during sunrise or sunset.
  • Custer's Last Trail. This trail is near Medora and is perfect for mountain biking. You'll see a lot of the badlands during this 13 mile trail.
  • Bismarck Riverfront Trail System. This is another mountain biking trail about 11 miles long. It's located in Bismarck and you'll experience both paved and not paved roads if you bike the whole way.
  • North Country Trail Segment. This trail is located about 45 minutes southwest of Fargo. It's ideal for mountain biking and you'll see a ton of different scenery on this trail. You'll also see the Sheyanne River during this 25 mile ride.
  • Lake Oahe. This lake is 371,000 acres and features large creeks and rivers, shallow canyons, rocky points and flats, and pockets and groves. No matter where you decide to hike here, you're guaranteed to see beautiful nature scenes. And, it's a great spot to fish as well.

Do you have a nature trail you love visiting? What is it?