Not only is Iggy Azalea fighting off lawsuits from a nagging ex-boyfriend and Twitter attacks from Azealia Banks, she now has to contend with hacking group Anonymous. The mysterious tech collective have threatened to release her sex tape if she doesn’t comply to their demands.

Before we even begin, we must mention that these threats could actually be from Anonymous or from an off-shoot of the group. There's no way of confirming it since they are such an elusive bunch. Moving on...

According to Jezebel, the group went on Twitter to express their disapproval of how the Aussie rapper was “misappropriating black culture, insulting peaceful protesters and making light of Eric Garner's death.”

“There's an X rated tape of you, we bet you'd certainly don't want public, are we right? @IGGYAZALEA....and this is nothing. Comply or else,” they tweeted.

The group stated that the purported tape will not be released (because that's not how they operate), but they will "release various snapshots of her face to confirm" her participation in the tape.

“The problem is why this tape even exists. It involves a man in a business suit, a kardashian-like attempt at fame, and a record label,” they wrote.

Anonymous is demanding that Iggy apologizes to Azealia Banks and to the New York protesters immediately. If not, photos will surface this week. They also added, "We have so much s--- on you, your scandal would be bigger than Bill Cosby's. Trashy bitch."

The ‘Fancy’ rapper has not responded to Anonymous’ threats yet. Instead, Iggy has been tweeting about her No Escape tour.

So can Iggy Azalea "escape" the wrath of the hacking group Anonymous?

Read Anonymous' entire tweets here.

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