I need a disclaimer.

That was my first thought as I started to write this- I have to lead off with something like

"I don't mean any disrespect for the victims or their families, but would you agree..."

Seriously, who would disrespect victims of senseless violence? I'm suggesting it may be those that are unknowingly glorifying those that kill.

It's been one week since flags were ordered to be flown at half staff for the murder of eight citizens in Atlanta.

Gov. Doug Burgum, R-ND, directed all government agencies on Thursday to fly the United States and North Dakota flags at half-staff until sunset this Monday, March 22, in honor of the victims of the March 16 shootings in the Atlanta area.

It’s in accordance with a similar proclamation by President Joe Biden.

North Dakotans are encouraged to follow suit in their homes and businesses.

Our flags were to be flown at half staff until sunset of March 22nd.  Before we reached that moment in time, 10 more Americans became victims of senseless violence. An additional order was issued

Gov. Doug Burgum has directed all government agencies to fly the United States and North Dakota flags at half-staff until sunset Saturday, March 27, and encourages North Dakotans to do the same at their homes and businesses, in honor and remembrance of the 10 victims of Monday’s shooting in Boulder, Colo.

I submit these actions are validating the acts of two psychopaths and encouraging individuals that in the future may seek nationwide attention for their murderous intentions.  Clearly there is always non-stop coverage from all news outlets, because as heinous as these crimes are, they are certainly newsworthy.

I'm reminded of time in the 90's when there was a teen suicide in my hometown.  The devastation was felt throughout the community.  There were vigils and a huge funeral service.  The tremendous show of attention and empathy was not lost on other teens. More suicides and suicide attempts followed within a year.  I can't directly link the causality in the perceived romanticizing of the first teen suicide, and the actions of the others that followed.  But, I felt it in my heart.

Flying flags at half staff is a powerful statement that has already been implemented four times in 2021. Here are the other two orders implemented-

In mid-January, flags were flown at half staff as a show of respect to the service and sacrifice of our Capitol Police Officers.

Flags were also flown half staff in the final week of February to commemorate the 500,000 Americans lost to COVID.

Flags can be lowered by Presidential order or by Governor order.  There are scheduled days when the flag will be flown at half staff they are as follows...

  • Peace Officers Memorial Day, May 15th (sunrise until sunset)
  • Memorial Day, last Monday in May (sunrise until  NOON)
  • Patriot Day, September 11 (sunrise until sunset)
  • Korean War Veterans Armistice Day (sunrise until sunset)
  • National Firefighters Memorial Day (sunrise until sunset)
  • Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, December 7th (sunrise to sunset)

I thank you for reading.

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