Today is National Pet Day and we're going to celebrate the way we know how...with a bunch of pics of cute pets.

Before we get to all the other pets, I'm going to take the time to celebrate my own. Her name's 'Ariana Grande.' Yep, I named her after the pop-star due to her high-pitched 'meow' that I am certain can match the octave of Ariana Grande's (the pop-star) high-pitched singing voice.

Ariana Grande2

Three years ago, on a day I went for a run where I lived in southern Oklahoma at the time, she followed me home once I was back in my neighborhood. She was an estimated 3-4 months old at the time while looking extremely skinny from malnourishment. I felt I had to take her in. Ariana is now very spoiled and roams as she pleases throughout her home. However, unlike almost any other cat in the world, she responds on command, much like a dog would.

Please show your pets lots of love today, everyone! That being said, here's a bunch of pics and/or videos of pets. Happy National Pet Day, North Dakota!


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