Yikes! Directioners, you got to cool your jets! Harry Styles was reportedly terrified after he was mobbed by a group of fans in New York City!

The One Direction heartthrob was trying to get to his transportation when he was overtaken by eager 1D fans. An eyewitness told omg!, "Harry looked really upset and scared. Security cleared a path for him but one girl threw herself at him and the rest followed," they continued, "He had to crawl under someone's legs to get into his car, security were going crazy and Harry looked like he was going to cry." Oh no, poor Harry!

We get that Directioners may never have a chance to get close to Harry again, but you don't want to risk his safety!

Apparently one fan got very aggressive with Styles, which prompted the British pop star to deny her a picture. A fan who was at the scene tweeted:

We get being a dedicated fan, but geez -- over dramatic much? Apparently Styles wanted to play the good guy and clear the area outside his hotel. An onlooker reported, "When he arrived back he asked everyone if they would leave if he posed for a picture with each of them."

Harry Styles wants to keep Directioners happy, but he doesn't want to become a nuisance to the venues and hotels he's visiting. What a guy!