Following a very highly photographed and publicized outing with Kimberly Stewart (daughter of music legend Rod), Harry Styles of One Direction is rumored to be in on what's just a big PR stunt ... again. And apparently this one is even less legit than his brief dalliance with Taylor Swift was said to be.

So are they or aren't they?

They aren't. Directioners, breathe a heavy sigh of relief!

“Kimberly and Harry are just friends,” a source close to the situation told Fox News. “Rod (Stewart) really likes Harry, so it’s good PR for him. There’s nothing going on. It’s just PR fun.”

Of course, the story seemed believable enough at first. Stewart is, in fact, an older woman -- and everyone knows Hazza has a thing for those. She was even described as "exactly his type," which may still be true: tall, blonde and hungry for press. (Let's not forget all those Haylor shots, kids!) Except Stewart and Swift have one big difference: Swift is actually famous for reasons other than who her parents are and didn't need the boost in tabloid headlines!

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