We bet Directioners everywhere are cursing themselves for not being born a decade earlier. One Direction hottie Harry Styles was spotted on a date with Rod Stewart's 33-year-old daughter, Kimberly. Why?!

The pair were spotted holding hands as they left Dan Tana's in Los Angeles with Rod and his wife Penny. Initial reports of a Styles-Stewart romance speculated that the 19-year-old boy bander was pursuing Ruby Stewart, who's closer to his age (she's 25), but TMZ insists it was Kimberly, who recently had a baby by Benicio Del Toro, that Hazza had the hots for.

And based on the tragic video above, that looks to be the case.

TMZ sources say the pair were close and flirty throughout the night. It's unclear how long they've been a "thing," but if he's eating dinner with her folks -- one of whom is a music legend -- it has to be at least somewhat serious, right? (Please, say it ain't so!)

This is far from the first time Styles has swooned for an older woman. He infamously dated 'X Factor' U.K. hostess Caroline Flack when he was 17 and she was 33, and he even tried picking up 'Bachelorette' star Jillian Harris last year.

And then there was, you know, that whole Taylor Swift thing that you may remember.