Our beautiful Harry Styles almost had to continue his career without a hand! The horror! A ginormous group of fans surrounded Hazza's hotel in Paris and made it quite difficult for the One Direction member to leave his temporary residence -- so much so that he almost lost a hand while doing so!

According to SugarScape, a paparazzo who was out in front of the hotel said, "No security was there! Therefore, a photographer, a cook from the hotel, the chauffeur had to help out in order for poor little Harry to make it to his car. He lost his hat, almost lost a hand to finally get in the car." We hope this comes as a wakeup call to Directioners to be a little more gentle with their beloved. The light security comes as somewhat of a shock seeing as Harry was escorted through Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris with a detail of about 10 armed police officers to keep eager fans at bay.

All this security drama surely didn't deter the guys from having a blast performing for their fans in Paris. They got a little cray cray on stage and got into a water fight while performing 'Live While We're Young'! It seemed as though Liam Payne was the instigator, but you never know what antics go on backstage!

Watch One Direction Get Into a Water Fight