It might be hard to believe, but yes, One Direction's Harry Styles did have a dating history and resume pre-Taylor Swift. In fact, he was known as a little bit of a playboy before he began traipsing the globe and romancing the 'We Are Never Getting Back Together' singer every chance they get. Now it's been revealed that model Cara Delevingne, who is poised to be the next Kate Moss, ditched Styles because he was considered too "low rent" for her to date.

Styles? Too low rent? WTF? Styles is in the most popular member of the biggest boy band around, and we're like Cara who? Pft! We're sorta thinking the reverse is true, as Styles' career is burning at a fever pitch right now. Plus, who doesn't lurve Harry Styles?

The Mirror reports that Delevingne, who is BFFs with Rita Ora, is the hottest commodity in fashion as the face of high end British line Burberry. She dated and ditched Styles late last summer. They were spotted at a nightclub in London and hung out for a minute, and he was supposedly smitten. But handlers at her modeling agency weren't feeling it so she promptly moved on. No Hara for her!

"Storm just thought Harry was too down market, they didn’t think Cara should be dating a member of a boy band – it was all too low rent," an insider said about her agency's reaction to Styles.

Delevingne, 20, is apparently obsessed with her own career, as the insider said, "Cara did like Harry but in all honesty she knew her career was more important and she wasn’t willing to let anything risk it. Harry really wanted to be with her but she finished it just before he got with Taylor Swift."

So is The Mirror suggesting that Swift is sloppy seconds? Hardly. She is the top recording artist in the business right now, racking up weeks at No. 1 on the charts, and is decidedly more famous than Delevingne. Maybe she was too low rent for Styles!

Something to nosh on, right?

Seems that Styles does prefer "older" women. At 18, he's younger than the model and Swift, who just turned 23. Cougs!

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