OMG, if this isn't the greatest bromance ever (yet), it certainly could be the cutest: Harry Styles and Robert Pattinson were spotted partying together in Los Angeles! Aaaaaaah!

One Direction heartthrob and 'Twilight' hottie were seen enjoying drinks together at L.A. hotspot Chateau Marmont on Tuesday (Sept. 10). Delighted fans took to Twitter to squeal about the surprise summit of British hunks.

Imaginations run wild when thinking what 19-year-old Hazza and 27-year-old R. Patz were discussing. Was it women? Hit movies? Hair products? The royal baby? All of the above?!? Whatever they talked about, we are sure it was EPIC. And we think it adorbz that they were fighting over the check!

While we ignore the fact that Harry isn't old enough to drink on this side of the Atlantic, we will instead turn our attention to patiently waiting for the universe to provide pictures of this meet-up!