One Direction's Harry Styles is beloved by Directioners for his talent, curly mop and boyish good looks. He is also quite sweet, as he paid for his older sister Gemma's vacation as a graduation present after she finished her studies at college. What a baby bro!

Gemma, 22, just wrapped three years at Sheffield University, earning her first class degree. Harry, 19, paid for her trip to the U.S., with stops in Las Vegas, San Diego and Los Angeles on his dime. He also provided all-access passes to the band's shows in these cities. Well, duh! She's Harry's big sis. She deserves and gets A-list treatment.

''Harry is giving Gemma a massive treat for getting a first at Sheffield Uni. He's so proud of her as she's worked really hard to get top grades and deserves to have some fun," a source said. "He flew her to Las Vegas and has put her in a posh suite at every stop on the tour with AAA pass access and anything she needs. Plus there's a gift of unlimited shopping during her stay in America for clothes and gadgets. He plans to treat her to a new wardrobe.''

But there is an element of selfishness pertaining to this gift. Harry wanted to celebrate with his sis, but he also misses his family while on tour, so he's bringing a little slice of home to the road with this trip.

The insider shared, ''Gemma loves hanging out with her brother and keeping an eye on him. Harry is in awe of her because she's so brainy and got a first, plus the highest marks in the year. He gets homesick sometimes while on tour, so it's great for him to have her there for a while too.''

Those Styles siblings -- so sweet.