As I was sitting here thinking about what on Earth I should write about today, a plate of Christmas delight magically appeared on the counter outside of my office. I immediately spotted what I thought were popcorn balls, and I HAD TO HAVE ONE. I don't know many people who actually like popcorn balls, but I think of them as ooey-gooey, sweet-and-salty, heavenly holiday treats.

Anyway, when I picked up the bag, it didn't really look like popcorn. But I had chosen my treat, so I decided to try it. To my surprise, I ended up eating white cheesy puffs covered in almond bark and sprinkles. How have I never tried this? How have I never heard of this?

Christmas Puffcorn

Of course, I had to find a recipe so I can wow my family next week. Check it out:

Christmas Candy Puffcorn



  1. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper.
  2. Pour puffcorn in a large bowl.
  3. Place almond bark in a small glass or porcelain bowl and microwave for 1 minute 30 seconds. Let sit 2 minutes and microwave for another 20 seconds, or until almond bark is entirely melted. Stir until smooth and pour over puffcorn.
  4. Stir the puffcorn and almond bark together until the puffcorn is evenly coated. Evenly spread the mixture on the pan.
  5. Before the puffcorn and almond bark sets up, add sprinkles and candies to "top it off."
  6. Once it is all set, break the puffs into chunks and serve. Make sure to store it in an airtight container.

There you have it, this salty-and-sweet Christmas treat with a hint of cheesy goodness is an amazing treat. Plus, it's easy to make and will surely be a hit at your family gathering.

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