I got an email today from my boss that has me looking for help. He would love to see everyone in the building get into the holiday spirit. That being said... I think I need some help!!!

TSM Bismarck

This is LarDawg's studio. He's already gotten into the Christmas Spirit and decorated it out for the holidays. In an email to the staff today, he challenged us to try and out-do his spirit and decorate our studios to match his.

I think my listeners could help me really show him what the Christmas Spirit is!

I'm throwing a party this Saturday, 12/6, from 1-3pm at the studios in Mandan to help me decorate my studio for the Holiday season!

TSM Bismarck

As you can see... I need a lot of help!

Anyone interested in coming in to help me decorate? I have all the decorations, and I will provide pizza, beverages, and other fun stuff to anyone that wants to help me get into the Christmas Spirit!

If you are willing... send me an email to joey.dee@townsquaremedia.com or just hit us up on Facebook! We'll make this all happen!

Seriously... anyone wanna come help me?