Have you ever wondered which crimes are most popular in North Dakota? If you're a strangely curious person like, me, or someone who works in law enforcement, then maybe your answer is yes.

It just so happens that I have access to this information, and you may find it surprising.


The Most Sentenced Federal Crimes In North Dakota

CriminalDefense.com ranked the top three most sentenced crimes in each state. The source looked at data from the US Sentencing Commission to get a clearer picture of what is happening across the country.

These findings are based off of the 2022 datafile. 

North Dakota


3. Firearms

The third most sentenced federal crime in North Dakota is illegal possession or use of a firearm.

2. Assault

You might be surprised to learn that assault is the second most popular federally sentenced crime in the state. The source defines assault as the attempt to strike another person, or committing an act that reasonably makes another person expect herm. You don't necessarily need physical contact for something to be classified as assault.

1. Drug Trafficking

Yep, the number one most sentenced federal crime is drug trafficking. You might not think that North Dakota has a very big drug problem, but unfortunately, we do.

Other States

According to the source, drug trafficking is the number on most sentenced federal crimes across the board.

Other states have fraud/theft/embezzlement, immigration, and firearms as their number one crimes.

There You Have It

Those are the most sentenced federal crimes in North Dakota. What do you think? Are you surprised? Send us a message in our app and let us know.


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