I'm not sure I've ever met a person who hadn't heard of Harry Potter...

For those of us who were invested in the story, we took it upon ourselves to ascribe to a certain house.


A study was done by thetoyzone.com; it found the most popular Hogwarts houses in each state. Before I tell you North Dakota's here's what you need to know about each house:

The Houses

There are four Harry Potter houses. Each of the houses defines a person based on their personality.

1. Slytherin

Students in Slytherin are known for being the bad guys, but it's not all bad. Those in the Slytherin house are known to be resourceful, witty, and ambitious.

2. Gryffindor

Gryffindors are the heroes. This group is known for being brave and helpful. Most of us like to identify with this group.

3. Hufflepuff

This group is known for being a little goofy, but they are a loyal bunch with pure intentions.

4. Ravenclaw

Students in Ravenclaw are known for being highly intelligent and always having a plan.

Now that you know more about the groups, we can get into which one is most popular in North Dakota.


North Dakota's Most Popular House

According to the source, the most popular house in North Dakota is Hufflepuff.

South Dakota was given Gryffindor, and Minnesota's was Slytherin.

Do you feel like we are a bunch of Hufflepuffs?


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