North Dakota is full of so many cultures. We have quite the German influence, Scandinavian, Native American and so many others. With that, you might be curious as to which type of food North Dakotans like the most. You may even think you already know. I'm here to tell you that you could, very well, be wrong.

A survey was done by fitness experts at and it found the most popular cuisine in each state. They looked at Google Trends data and found what North Dakotans were searching for the most over the past year.

Types Of Foods

What are the top cuisines in the country? I'm sure this is exactly what you would expect, but Italian, and Mexican cuisines came up a lot across the country. Other cuisines tested were French, and Indian.


North Dakota

So what is North Dakota's favorite cuisine? Like 28 other states, North Dakotans are all about Chinese food. I was surprised to hear this; I would've bet North Dakotans would be all about German food.

As it turns out, Chinese food was the number one cuisine, across the board.


The second most popular cuisine in the state of North Dakota is Italian (My favorite).

The Least Popular In North Dakota

The least popular type of cuisine in North Dakota is French. I'm not sure I've stumbled upon a French cuisine restaurant here; maybe that's the problem. Petition to have a French restaurant come to NoDak, please and thank you!

Use This On Your Next Date

If you want to put this information to good use, you can pick a Chinese restaurant for your next first date. It's hard to know what another person might like, but looking at these results, it's a safe bet that your date will like it. Next challenge: making them like you. -- Good luck, you're on your own with that.


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