While I love all the holidays, Christmas is the most special and magical holiday of the year. In exactly one week, I'll be on my way to Lansford, ND to spend time with my family. We're a small family, made up of my brother, his wife, and their baby, my parents, and my fiance and me. I guess if you count four dogs and four cats amongst us, our family is a decent size, but I digress.

My parents' place is kind of in the middle of nowhere. And since no one wants to freeze to death in the North Dakota winters, so we tend to "hunker down" once everyone's home for the holidays. Our favorite holiday things to do are watch Christmas movies (no, I will never watch Die Hard on Christmas or any other time) and competitively play board games.

There is a new survey out by Groupon, that asked parents what they think are the "Top Ten" holiday experiences. Here's what Groupon found:

  1. Watching Movies
  2. Holiday Concert
  3. Traveling
  4. Tree Decorating
  5. Ice Skating
  6. Baking cookies (FOR SANTA!)
  7. Visiting a Museum
  8. Singing Christmas Carols
  9. Going to the Zoo
  10. Going to a Holiday Show

Clearly, this survey was given to people who live in much livelier places than sleepy North Dakota. I mean, I'm not sure there are any museums or zoos open here on Christmas. But it's always fun making holiday memories with family. What is your favorite holiday experience?

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