Holly Madison is going from a 'Girl Next Door' to a princess. The former Hugh Hefner girlfriend and Playboy bunny is tying the knot in Disneyland next week with boyfriend Pasquale Rotella!

Per E! News, it's just the latest in an ongoing Disney princess theme that the starlet's been rocking lately. She had an 'Alice in Wonderland'-themed bachelorette party last month, and while pregnant with daughter Rainbow, she dressed as Sleeping Beauty. In December 2012, she even dressed up as Tinkerbell when she went to see a production of 'The Nutcracker.' Fetish much?

Madison gave birth to Rainbow in March. In June, Rotella popped the question at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, which isn't very Disney (it's more, er, Molly), but has a lot of the bright colors and happy themes of the happiest place on Earth nonetheless.

There's one princess in particular she may be channeling for her wedding, if her blog is any indication: Rapunzel ... but it seems like she's confusing the length of her dress with the length of the character's hair!