Did you know that North Dakota has its own special holiday? It does!

According to National Day Calendar, every year on April 19th, it's "National North Dakota Day."

Since it's a holiday, there's only one thing to do -- celebrate!

How does a person celebrate National North Dakota Day? Glad you asked. Here's how I think it should be done.

(Keep in mind, this is only 75% serious)

1. Bake a Casserole

Anything with tater tots will work.


2. Wave to Someone You Pass on a Dirt Road

You don't know them, they don't know you, but all it takes is a friendly wave, and next thing you know, you've bought a cemetery plot next to theirs. We're a friendly bunch.


3. Wear a Bison Jersey

In season or not, we need to show our support. Bison blood runs deep out here.


4. Laugh at Anyone Wearing a Coat or Parka

If it's over 20 degrees, and you see someone wearing a coat, you know the person is from out of town; you have to poke a little fun.

It's how we show dominance. Welcome to the northern tundra weaklings. muuahahaaha.


5. Selfie It Up

Post a picture where you're standing next to the New Salem Holstein Cow. Every North Dakotan has done this. It's a rite of passage.


6. Drink Some Busch Light

We have a state bird, a state flower, and if we were to have a designated drink it would be Busch Light. Crack one open, and don't burn through the case, I'm on my way.


7. Pop on Some Shorts and Scare the Out-Of-Town Folks

We have built up a certain tolerance to the cold; on a nice day like today and tomorrow pull out your slides and shorts.

Wear those babies around town like the proud North Dakotan you are, and keep a count of the weird looks you get. -- It's a fun game.


8. Go for a Walk

Here's a serious one: Appreciate the landscape of North Dakota; go for a walk.

Find a trail and really take it in. While others might say North Dakota is barren, I say it's a matter of perspective.

You get great views of the sky. --Sunsets are especially pretty here because you can see so much without trees blocking your view.

We have a whole aesthetic here and we love it. And its not just flat farmland; we have lakes, the Missouri River, rolling hills, and sunflower fields.


That's All I've Got

I'm out of ideas. Feel free to share with me what you think people should do to celebrate our great state; send us a chat message!



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