During Halloween you might see purple porchlights. Around Christmas you might see some homes display Red or even Blue porchlights, but what does the color green signify?

If you are one of those people who just has to know, like me, I'll help you out.

Green Porchlights

It's actually really great. If you notice a green porchlight in the area, it's probably a salute to our veterans.

According to TasteOfHome.com, this started back in 2013. Walmart is credited for starting this as part of the company's "Greenlight a Vet" campaign. They wanted to do something to show that veterans are valued members of our communities.

Campaign Or Not

Take away the grocery chain's campaign and I still think this is something really simple we can all do to show support for veterans in our area. I always feel like there are never enough ways to show our gratitude, so if you have some old Christmas bulbs lying around, or if you're running to the store today, maybe pick up some green bulbs.

While you're at it, hoist an American flag too. I actually was just told something I never knew, that American flags should always be higher than any other flag on display. They should always be center and above all others.

According to UnitedStatesFlag.com, the American flag should never be overshadowed by others. It should be the first one up and last one lowered down.

The Color Green

While we know the color green to be the color of military uniforms, according to colorrmeanings.com it also represents hope, prosperity, and generosity. Let's not also forget it's the color of luck. These are all things we can attribute and wish upon our veterans.

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