Driving around town can be frustrating. Some don't use turn signals. Some cut you off. Some sit through entire stoplights. Others like to ride your bumper.


Riding Your Bumper

I feel like this is something everyone's done at one point or another, whether it be on accident, or you're in a really big hurry. Obviously, this is something we absolutely shouldn't do.



Let's run through a hypothetical. Let's say you're in a rush, you're running late for work. You start getting the zoomies in your car. You're not stopping all of the way at stop signs, you're speeding up at yellow lights -- the whole nine yards.

You're watching each minute pass by, and realizing you're getting closer and closer to being late to work.

All of a sudden, you pull behind another car and they are moving slower than a snail. You immediately get frustrated and drive closer to the tail end of their car in hopes that they get the hint to beep beep, move it.

Unfortunately, they are having a bad day, and want to put you in your place. Instead of speeding up, they slam on the brakes. They want you to BACK OFF.

Is That Legal?

Essentially we're talking about brake-checking here. Is it legal to tap your brakes like that? Well, no. I'm sure this may seem obvious to you, but brake-checking is a form of aggressive driving, this according to Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers. 

Tailgating can also be viewed as aggressive driving, fyi.

The source says more often than not, rear end collisions are the rear drivers fault, but braking suddenly can cause the front driver to become partially liable.

Don't Do It

To avoid legal punishment, and injuries, just don't do it. If you're running late, just accept your fate. Don't do something you will regret.

Reversely, if you feel like you are being pressured and bullied on the road, fight the urge to teach the other driver a lesson. It's not worth an incident.


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