Have you ever thought to check for a hidden camera in a public restroom? It might be something you want to consider. Last week, at a Devils Lake fast food restaurant, a hidden camera was found in a bathroom.

On February 12th, there was a hidden camera discovered in the bathroom at Dairy Queen in Devils Lake. The camera was hidden in plain sight - it actually looked a bit like an outlet. Because of the camera's look, a person wouldn't necessarily notice that they were being spied on. But thanks to a Dairy Queen employee, the camera was found.

Though it did capture some video, police believe that camera was not in the bathroom for more than 24 hours. Not only that, but there was also footage from other bathrooms stored on the camera. Police aren't sure where the other footage was recorded, but it didn't match other Devils Lake businesses.

I definitely won't be using a public restroom for a while now.

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