This past weekend, my wife was out of town visiting family leaving me with my 2 youngest kids all weekend. Naturally, we started the weekend out the way any parent would... building forts!

This was the first time since I moved out here in October that my wife has left town and left me with the kids. I always enjoy my time with my kids, because they always get super creative and we have a ton of fun!

Joey Dee

While building our fort in the living room, my son insisted that we include a window so "I can see if you're trying to get in DAD!"

Many adventures were held in this fort before the dragons came and destroyed it.We valiantly defended ourselves, but our fort could not be saved.

Joey Dee

I live for the moments where I can regress into the minds of my children and see the world with the wonder that is still in their eyes.

I just wish I could make it happen more often!