Certified (we think) Kidd Kraddick in the Morning Love Expert Kellie Rasberry got a tough love letter question from a listener who asked if Valentine's Day is the best time to ask a girl he likes to be his girlfriend.

Tough question!

"We've dated in the past and it just didn't work out, but we've maintained a very good friendship and my feelings have become really strong," listener Charlie wrote. "Is asking her to be mine on Valentine's Day a good idea?"

"You know, there's a sweet way to do it," said Kellie, recommending against a bland 'will you be my girlfriend?'

Being the problem solver that she is, Kellie suggested Charlie say this: "I want you to be my Valentine today, tomorrow and forever." Awww!

Check out the rest of the Valentine's Day edition of 'Love Letter to Kellie' below!