Here is the sad and obvious thing, one day something terrible will happen here at this intersection...

...all because people have proved they can't wait another minute or two longer. For some reason no matter what it is, they HAVE to get somewhere NOW, and if they are not paying attention, and letting their impatience take over, it could cost them their life OR someone else's.

Looking at the cover picture of this story, can you guess where this is?

First of all, before I tell you WHERE this is, this isn't the only place where drivers fly through the intersection. I'll set up the scene for you from yesterday, and I'm pretty darn sure you will be able to relate to this in a heartbeat. If you said the picture was taken at Expressway and S Washington. I was about 30 yards behind about 3-4 cars attempting to turn left at the light. Two of them made it through until the yellow light came on - now here is where you do NOT slam on the brakes but make sure if you are approaching the intersection that you do STOP before being in the middle of the street when the light has been RED for a couple of seconds.

Rule of the thumb for me is simple, don't cross the line when the light has been red...

...make sense? It should. I know, because I have done it myself, that I try and speed up when I see the light turn to YELLOW  -  I saw two cars speed up after the light was clearly RED, and if someone to their left wasn't paying attention, and hit the gas pedal the second THEIR light turned Green  - well it could have been a disaster.

Think about this, if you are running behind, late for work, or whatever, a few extra minutes here and there is worth being SAFE over

Just be aware when you are entering an intersection.



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