A woman on Reddit who was a wedding guest at her friend's nuptials says a bridesmaid tried to spill a drink on her dress because the bride felt upstaged, despite approving of her dress beforehand.

It was her first Western wedding and she wanted to ensure she adhered to the dress code, so she sent a picture to the groom for approval before wearing it to the big event. She also got approval from the bride herself.

"Five months before the wedding, I met the bride with many other of the groom's friends at a bar. I showed her pictures of the saree [traditional Indian garment for women] to ask if it was appropriate. I also told her I'd be happy to buy a new outfit if it wasn't ... She said it was delightful and she'd be glad to have some 'culture' added to her wedding pictures," she wrote.

However, despite receiving rave reviews from other guests, on the day of the wedding the bride was not happy and gave her the "sink eye" all through the event.

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One of the bridesmaids also attempted to spill a drink on her saree, and another "commented if my outfit was going to turn out white in the pictures."

"When we showed up to get group pictures done, I thoughtlessly ended up standing next to the couple. The bride made moves so that I ended up at the very corner by the time the photographer started clicking," she continued.

Plus, when it came time for the bride to throw the bouquet, the maid-of-honor made a snide comment, asking "if I'm going to try to catch it like I haven't gotten enough attention for the day. "

"On our way back, I asked my friends if my behavior or outfit was inappropriate. They didn't think anything of it," she concluded, adding that her friends reassured her there was nothing wrong with the outfit she wore.

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Users sounded off in the comments, with many slamming the bride and her friends for their behavior.

"You just met a school of mean girls. There is no telling what such people will get up to. I think you had taken every possible precaution with your outfit, in fact much more than most people would have," one person wrote.

"Honestly, if my partner acted this way, I’d want to know about it. That’s not acceptable," another commented, urging her to tell the groom.

"I won't lie, I was a little concerned about the color when I clicked on your pictures link. But if the bride approved it, she doesn't get to change her mind on the day of... Of course you were going to get attention on the day for wearing a saree and adding 'culture,' but she made a mistake. Oh well," someone else chimed in.

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