Life goes by so fast - "you blink an EYE and it's gone"...

...of course, flip that around, and "you blink TWICE and it's coming back" This is one of those things where you don't give it much thought until you are coming back from a trip. You just landed at the airport and now all you want to do is go home and sleep in YOUR bed, ironically for what seems like the longest time, you have had to either bribe a friend to come pick you up at 12:23 am OR get a hold of an Uber or Lyft. "Good luck with that" -  People love to tell you that when you are trying to find a ride. Hold your horses ( hey a good old-fashioned horse would take you home ) because thanks to our City Commission, licensed taxis have returned to Bismarck.

"...lowered the barrier for entrance"

For sure you have noticed the lack of taxis driving around Bismarck and Mandan over the last year or so, and now according to "The City Commission last October unanimously passed ordinance changes loosening restrictions on taxicabs, and the commission last month approved licenses for Bismarck Transportation Services and Dakota Transportation Services" It is no surprise that Smartphones have been a thorn in the side of taxi businesses. There is an app for Uber or Lyft at everyone's disposal -

Now we can all "Hail" a taxi once more 

I'm all about this happening, don't get me wrong, I have used an Uber or a Lyft here and there, but out of experience, I have found you can't always count on them early in the morning.

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