It’s been suggested that accusations of sexual misconduct around James Franco may have cost The Disaster Artist star an Oscar nomination – but evidently not his HBO series. The network confirms The Deuce Season 2 will move forward with Franco in the lead, despite claims from at least five women.

Writer Megan Abbott confirmed as much to TVGuide, while Variety notes that Franco’s twin characters of porn kings Frankie and Vincent Martino are “integral” to Season 2. Additionally, “a source close to the situation said there was no alternate plan for storylines should Franco be forced out.” HBO reportedly found no instances of abuse or improper conduct with regard to The Deuce itself, nor did series creator David Simon.

It was after Franco’s appropriation of the “Time’s Up” movement that former acting students and actresses in prior projects spoke out against his history of unwanted advances and pressure to perform nude scenes. The actor was asked about the accusations in several talk show appearances, but claimed they were “not accurate.” HBO has previously taken harder stances against accused harassers; severing ties with Louis C.K. and reporter Mark Halperin in the wake of published misconduct reports.

The Deuce Season 2 will begin filming in a matter of weeks, though it remains to be seen if Franco will address the allegations any further when it comes time to promote the series.

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