Jennifer Lawrence is just like us, you guys. She goes to fancy parties with her best friend and yells things at people she likes and then maybe, possibly, totally throws up on a porch. It's just that the details are a little different when it comes to the celeb -- like the people she yells at are stars like Brad Pitt, and she goes to fancy parties after events like the Oscars, and she might be tossing her cookies on the porch of Madonna's manager. Normal. Not normal? And who judged her for said puking, a story the it-girl shared with Seth Meyers on his 'Late Night' last night?

Let's not throw stones, Miley Cyrus, okay?

As a special bonus, Lawrence also spent some pretty serious time chatting with Meyers about her own favorite YA series -- 'Harry Potter.' The star of 'The Hunger Games' knows what it's like to be in love with a whole series of books and movies, and we're guessing she's already prepping herself for super-fans to greet her the way she first greeted Daniel Radcliffe: with screaming.