Joe Jonas has some questionable style decisions -- namely that creepy mustache. (We know it was for Movember, but he kept it for longer than he needed to and seemed to enjoy it just a wee bit too much.) But the man can dress, so if you wanted some style tips -- either for yourself, your significant other or your brothers -- he's here to help!

Just don't call him a "fashion guy." "I consider myself into fashion, but I'm not sure what a 'fashion guy' means," he confessed. "For some reason I have a picture of a guy in a jumpsuit at Fashion Week with a bowl of fruit on his head."

We're not sure if "bowl of fruit" was deliberately homophobic or not -- we doubt it -- but we're pretty sure the Jonas Brother rumored to have the most demons may face some backlash for that comment. Be careful, JoeJo!

Jonas, who was rumored to be in rehab and shadowed by a sober coach (though never officially confirmed) also confessed what his perfect weekend would be like. "On an ideal Saturday I'd ride my bike, or watch some college football, then drink!" He also dishes on his beverage of choice.

And now for the important question: What's your best pickup line? "'I've got my library card and I'm checking you out,'" Jonas grinned. "Or 'Are those moon pants? Because your ass is out of this world!'"

Ladies, the line starts behind Blanda Eggenschweiler.