I can't remember when this started... but I do know who started this one. I can fully blame this one on my sisters fiance.

I have a HUGE family. Both of my parents divorced when I was young, and they both remarried. Add to that my wife's family, and it leaves a lot of people to see on Christmas. While I love to see them all, it is extremely hectic to do it all. I am literally on the go from Christmas Eve morning till late in the day on the 26th.

By the end of all of this chaos, it's nice to settle down and have a few drinks with people you like.

My sister and her fiance never had a big tree. It was always a small artificial, and they always argued about how to decorate it. Finally one year, they got a great idea and ran with it. Instead of finding some cheezy decorations, they would decorate it with something practical. Next thing you know, they found a way to decorate their tree with mini-bottles of liquor.

Now with the decorations in place, what would they do with them? Well... They would Drink the Tree!

The first night that all of us grown kids were done with family commitments, we would gather at their house and commence to drink through the contents of the tree. It was always a great way for us to wrap up the holidays.

While I won't have my family and friends from Seattle around me, I will be continuing this tradition here in Bismarck. Now I just have to find some friends to come and join me!

Joey Dee's Christmas Memories #7: Christmas Jammies