Instagram is known as the home of the thirsty. Overzealous guys -- and ladies, on some occasions -- use the social media app to drool over photos of various women or men they lust for. They all but stalk their pages, anxious for the next upload. Well, there are two types of IG creepers: those who like and comment on dozens of photos in a single sitting and those that opt to snoop through a page without leaving any clues that they were ever there.

Jordin Sparks seems to have a big problem with the latter type and implores us to be more expressive when exploring her profile page via her new single, "Double Tap," off the singer's new mixtape, #ByeFelicia. The video for the song speaks directly to those who sneak and peek through her pictures, daring them to "double tap that hoe" if they like what they see and to show some interest.

Sparks explained the inspiration behind the song during an interview with Yahoo. “For me in the song, the girl is talking to the guy saying, ‘I know you stalk my page. I know you look at the photos. I know that you don’t like them. I bet you’re not going to like that picture, but I know you like me,'" she said.

She also shared that the record could be interpreted in a negative way. "But then you can take it another way as well, like you’re in a relationship with someone. Say we’re sitting next to each other. Say we’re together, right? I’m scrolling through my phone, and I hover over a picture of a really hot guy, and you’re like, ‘I know you’re not about to tap that picture. I know you’re not about to double-tap that picture in front of me,'" Sparks stated.

Whatever side of the fence you land on, what we can say is that the visuals of a gorgeous Sparks uploading sexy photos will give any guy good reason to like this video. Oh, and 2 Chainz always makes for a great guest appearance so that's a win as well and makes for the cherry on top.

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