In just a few minutes Josh Duhamel will the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards stage as the host of the big night and green slime king! Josh Duhamel agreed to this gig to show off his comedy skills and to get used to lots of kids running around when he becomes a father. Josh Duhamel shared at Kids Chocie Awards rehearsal he feels like "he was meant" to be a father and Fergie and he do know the sex of their baby.

Tonight Josh will rap,dance,sing,dress up like Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. Of course he will get slimed a lot too.Josh has immersed himself in learning about Nicki Minaj, Sophia and Rose and more pop artist to get ready for the big night.Fergie may even make a special appearance on stage tonight with her man too.

The couple do know the sex of the little Duhamel on the way but are not sharing the details or the due date. Of course we will be watching North Dakota's Royal Couple every step of the way, including tonight 6:30pm on Nickelodeon. Get a taste of the show now with the video below.