Justin Bieber was a bad, junk food-ingesting boy in Brazil. A day after he was seen visiting a brothel, the singer reportedly invited 10 lucky, of age Beliebers to his rented mansion in Rio, Brazil on Sunday, Nov. 3. He didn't put out a luxe spread of eats for the ladies, either. Instead, they feasted on chicken nuggets, peanuts, Doritos and other sweet munchies.

The gals had to sign confidentiality agreements – clearly, Marina Binimeliz, 18 and a law student, didn't take that seriously, since we're hearing about the festivities — and fork over their cell phones. That was likely a move to avoid incriminating selfies or filming Da Biebs sans his knowledge.

Binimeliz says she made her way into The Biebs' private room at Zax nightclub before be invited back for a non-alcoholic nightcap. She was warned not to overwhelm the singer upon greeting him, so she gave him a peck on the cheek.

The party was hardly that back at the crib, with Binimeliz detailing the menu, saying, "There were lots of snacks spread on tables by the pool, on the verandah and in the lounge area. We ate peanuts, Doritos, crisps, chicken nuggets and slices of pineapple. Justin liked the Brazilian Misto Quente, which is toasted bread, egg, ham and cheese. There was lots of chocolate and Haribo sweets."

The smell of weed hung in the air, which isn't a shock, since pot smokers tend to love to nibble on the aforementioned vittles.

But Binimeliz did not see the singer partake of the green stuff. He did, however, dance to one of his own songs. He also mimicked the famous "I'm the King of the World" scene from 'Titanic.' That sounds sorta cheesy, and either totally falsified or totally "beliebable."

"We all had to sign contracts saying we wouldn’t take any photographs and, if we did, we agreed not to publish them,' the reveler said. "I was only given my phone back when I left." When she attempted to snap a pic of the contract, her phone was confiscated.

She did say the night's highlight was The Biebs giving her a hug and kiss on both cheeks. He also called her cute, making her life. "This was a fantastic, perfect moment for me," Binimeliz said.

The party wrapped at 9AM, with The Biebs saying, "I’m tired. I think I need to go to sleep." That was likely his way of saying, "Thanks, party's over. Now, GTFOH!"