Justin Bieber, Rihanna and the boys of One Direction are in a serious race to collect the most tattoos.

Over the weekend, RiRi added a large etching to her arm, while the 1D dudes are always hitting up the tattoo parlor and inking up. Not to be outdone, The Biebs has added another tattoo and filled in a previously existing piece.

Da Biebs has been working on a sleeve for quite some time and he appears to have added a compass in the meaty part of his arm. That's considered quite a painful area, since it's such a fleshy region of the arm. It also looks like the singer is working it into an overall piece.

Clearly, he has an interest in art, be it tattoos or graffiti. Before taking a peek at the tattoos, we have to ask Beliebers. Are you into The Biebs' new ink or is he going overboard?

He captioned the compass: "New tat."

This is the court jester, with no caption.

He captioned it: "Colored it in."