Justin Bieber has added another high profile magazine cover to his repertoire. He and manager Scooter Braun cover The Hollywood Reporter accompanied by the tag 'Justin Bieber Is Not Sorry.' So The Biebs is not apologetic. Does he need to be?

Well, maybe to his neighbors. But not to his critics.

According to the cover tease, The Biebs reveals that he received some advice from Will Smith and that the almighty Eminem also reached out to him. Ooh, we'd kill to have heard those conversations. They are elder statesmen who could impart plenty of wisdom and advice.

The tease also suggests that The Biebs is learning to branch out and extend his career into adulthood, since the teen pop audience is a fickle mistress and young girls comprise the dominant share of Beliebers and he doesn't want to be left behind.

"He has to make his own decisions – and mistakes," Braun says.

That's true. The Biebs has made his share of mistakes in 2013. But it's how he bounces back that really matters.

Still, pairing The Biebs and Braun on the cover is certainly sending the message that they are a team.