A Belieber always has Justin Bieber's best interests at heart. However, one dedicated fan took things a little too far and posted their concern about The Biebs and his crew. The Biebs was bothered by these comments, so he posted a note on Instagram in response.

The fan comment is as follows. It's not quite clear which member of the singer's vast posse the fan is referring to, since he hangs out with everyone from Ryan Butler to Lil Twist. Khalil is referenced, though.

We're surprised that he even noticed these comments in the first place, since he is undoubtedly assaulted with tens of thousands of comments, tweets and other social media communications on a daily if not hourly basis.

The Biebs posted his reply as the caption, writing the following note, dragging the man upstairs into it.

It's not your place to judge. God put these people in my life for a reason, and just because they are African American that makes them a bad influence?? These are the people that I love and all of us are going to help make the world a better place.

As stated previously, we're not sure what member of his entourage the fan was referring to, but Beiber comments that it is one of his African-American friends.

The Biebs has had a drama-fueled 2013 and he is not letting anyone lay the blame at the doorstep of his friends.

He loves his friends and the people in his life and defends them to the end.