If it seems that history is repeating itself, well, because it is. Justin Bieber's car was pulled over for speeding, but surprise surprise, Biebs was not behind the wheel. It was his old buddy with a lengthy driving record, Lil Twist. Honestly, Justin, take the keys away from this kid!

According to TMZ, Lil Twist was driving Bieber's white Ferrari -- his car of choice from Justin's driveway -- when he was pulled over and ticketed for driving over the speed limit. We're guessing Twist thinks the speed limit is just a mere suggestion based on his driving record.

Justin Bieber and his cars have been involved in major drama the past few months. Most recently, the 'All Around the World' singer was chased down by former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson after he was seen whipping around his Calabassas, Calif., neighborhood at a high rate of speed. Though it seems like Bieber's camp is somewhat suggesting that it was not Justin operating the car, and that it was Lil Twist who was behind the wheel yet again. Seems totally plausible to us!

Back in January, the rapper was driving Justin's Ferrari when an eager photographer trying to snap a pic was hit and killed by another car. Then Twist was pulled over for an improper lane change in Justin's Fisker Karma and was cited for having tinted windows, which is actually Bieber's problem for once.

Seriously, someone take the keys away from Lil Twist!