Justin Bieber needs to put the cans of spray paint down, to back away from the wall and to stop tagging buildings in other countries. Seriously.

The singer, who was in a heap of trouble for putting graffiti on a building he did not have permission to tag while on tour in South America, has been accused of defacing a wall of a luxe resort in Australia with graffiti. We're shaking our heads.

The Biebs is in Oz for his world tour and performed at the Brisbane Entertainment Center in Brisbane on Tuesday, Nov. 26. He was crashing out at the swanky QT Gold Coast Hotel in Surfer's Paradise and spent the wee hours of the AM today (Nov. 27) tagging the wall next to the hotel's tennis courts, according to reports.

He posted some art on Facebook, and it's believed to be this.

While in Brazil, the Biebs sought and received permission to graffiti a specific location, but due to Belieber chaos, which always follows him, his security detail opted to tag another location -- one he did not have permission to touch, which got him into trouble.

The Biebs needs to stop doing stuff like this in other countries, since it's getting him into hot water!