Beliebers, you guys are going to lurve the video that Justin Bieber shared for his new song 'Hold Tight.'

It's comprised of footage from his famous 'One Less Lonely Girl' performances during his concerts, in which he invites one very lucky female Belieber on stage, serenades her, hugs her, dances with her and puts a crown of flowers in her hair, set to the new song 'Hold Tight.' That makes sense, since he is holding tight to the Beliebers in the clips.

Swoon! Most of the lucky ladies cry and can't even handle the fact that they were the chosen one (less lonely girl).

We bet most, if not all, Beliebers wish it was them on that stage, serving as The Biebs' OLLG!

It's a cute composite of clips from his concerts, with some backstage footage mixed in. For all the Beliebers worrying about his retirement... chillax. The Biebs is here to stay.