What a good son Justin Bieber is. His father Jeremy Bieber had to undergo surgery on his knee and The Biebs headed home to his native Canada so he could be with his dad while he underwent the procedure! That's dedication.

Papa Bear Bieber posted a tweet, thanking his son for being there for him. It was really touching. Many people assume that because The Biebs' mom Pattie Mallette had primary custody and was a single mother that Jeremy Bieber was an absentee father, but he wasn't. Pattie herself has said that. Clearly, the bond between Justin and Jeremy is rock solid!

We already knew that The Biebs always makes time for his Beliebers, especially the sick ones, who he takes care to visit when he is on the road. It's refreshing to see that he is also always there for his family.

Below is Jeremy Bieber's tweet. We hope he heels up, fully and fast. He had tweeted months ago about looking for a specialist for his knee.